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Next beta release?

Jack O`Neill

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16 hours ago, akaramis said:

I couldn't afford the gamer bundle, but jumped on the SG-1 level. I want to be in on the feedback cycle.


I just barely was able to get the money together for Gamer Bundle myself.  It hit while I was broke, but thanks to my mother I was able to come through.  Thankfully, she gave me a loan.

In a few weeks they are going to send out the Pledge Manager and when that occurs you can login and upgrade your pledge to a different tier if you like!

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Oh, I know that, Jack.  The question not being, "can I afford to up my pledge?" but instead being, "Is the $60 for adding the adventures going to be worth it?" 

And that's dependent upon factors besides quality of writing... such as player schedules, whether or not I can run it at the store, whether or not the adventures fit my and my players' expectations. whether or not I plus up my Twilight2000 4e pledge, whether or not I try to late back The Labyrinth, whether or not I wind up with more than 1 page of house rules.

Currently, only 1 house rule: adding the +5 Dex Saves from 3/4 cover to non-hard full cover, as well.

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