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Rewire DHD idea from players solution


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Hi, today we played session based on current preview pdf of rules. Players did come with idea to rewire DHD in a way that when Jaffa goes to dial adress it would override his adress and force him to dial Phoenix base resulting in him killing himself on Iris when he goes through. I feel like this should take considerable amount of time, maybe even trigger R&D encounter and take pretty much few days maybe. What would be your solution? (They did have 24 hours of time when they wanted to try that).

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Whether this works or not depends on how you have the DHD dial the gate. If a side chevron locks on when the appropriate symbol passes through the prime chevron, then that's a pretty reasonable chance for the victim to notice something's wrong. If the chevrons however just light up in response to keys being pressed on the DHD and the ring's just spinning until it builds up to 88 mph then the subterfuge could work.

But basically they're talking about deliberately gutting a significant safety protocol (not to mention compromising Phoenix Site's security and secrecy by hardwiring its address into the DHD). That's absolutely an R&D encounter to (a) do it, (b) not break anything else while they're doing it, and (c) fixing it when they're done.

If they want to telefrag someone into an iris, why use Phoenix's address when you can just use earth's?

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Sure any gate that has iris on it whould work for what they were trying to achieve. I thought it would be R&D as well just in this case it would take ages which players did not like although it made sense to me so i wanted to double check with you guys here

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Here are a couple episodes that deal with hacking the DHD:

One in particular, Carter and her "2nd favorite beloved" scientist, Dr. Jay Felger, remotely hacked Ba'al's DHD using a computer virus, Avenger, (scrambling his DHD's gate addresses) (of course with some initial R&D to create the computer virus), but Ba'al's Goa'uld scientist, the glutonous, Nerus, reprogrammed it to spread, and that took the afternoon.  After fixing it, Felger says he has locked that tampering down. 

In the episode, "Prototype", we learn that Annubis programmed the gate on P3X-584 to "gate-forward" potential any pesky organic trespassers to another gate address. At the end of the episode, Annubis' genetic spawn, Khalek, reaches the Gateroom, uses his powers to activate the gate dialing computer and walks through the gate, but returns to SGC moments later because of the security measures in place in P3X-584. 

In all cases, they had a special computer connect that can connect to DHD to hack it. So, I would say probably a couple of hours if they're qualified/experienced and had the equipment, to maybe a couple of days if they're new to hacking DHDs, and to virtually impossible if General O'Neall attempted without having his brain filled with Ancient Knowledge first ;)  

I would expect that SGC would now develop rugged smartphones (made of the alloy of Carbon, Trinium, and Naquadah) instead of having teams haul laptops on missions =) , along with micro or mini drones for exit-gate recon. I know I would. ;)


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