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Planets/Systems and Designations and Addresses


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Here’s a list, compiled by galaxies, including planet name, address and sgc designation where these are known: https://stargate.fandom.com/wiki/Stargate_Network

These are from the shows, books, the unfinished computer mmorpg, and the old tabletop rpg. I don’t think anyone has added the ones in this game yet.

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Not really. They started with naming them P3x-xxx most of the time, then around season 4 they started using season number as the second number. The designations in Atlantis mostly start with M.

There were some fanon explanations that P stands for planet, M for moon, K for kuiper object, but that doesn’t exactly hold if you check them closely. However, if you are looking for a formula to come up with new places, it’s a good way.

I would use something like: Letter to denote where the gate is: Planet, Moon, Kuiper object, Orbital

Number to specify which orbit of it’s star it is on.

Letter to denote the status of place: uneXplored, Goauld base, Civilized

And a several numbers to denote ”something”. (Maybe galactic grid)

So P3X-345 is a third planet  of it’s star and currently unexplored. 345 ”something”.

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Ok, so another idea to generate a designation, more in line with ”computer generated alpha-numeric code”, and taking into account the prevalence of certain digits.

roll d10 for each of first three digits.

First Digit:



8-9=Random Letter

10=Random number

Second Digit:

1-9=use the number

10=Random Letter

Third Digit:



9=Random Letter

10=Random Number

Add a dash followed by a random three digit number. Cross Reference known designations. If it already exists, add a fourth number in the end.

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