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Inspiration ability and Charisma


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So the first sentence underneath "Creating a Diplomat" is as follows: "Diplomatic characters need a high charisma score to aid in their persuasion skill, as well as to enhance their inspirations."

The persuasion bonus is straightforward, but I've been looking through the class description and feats, and the only way I see that Charisma enhances inspirations at all is through the Convincing feat. Is there some other mechanic based on Charisma I'm missing?

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15 hours ago, spamandtuna said:

The Convincing feat on page 85 lets you add your CHA modifier to the THP granted by Inspire.  

With a d8 Inspire die and a max CHA of +5, your party gets 6-14 THP instead of the normal 1-8.

I'm not sure what you're getting at here. I'm not asking what the Convincing feat does. I knew that already, hence why I mentioned it in the OP. My point was that the class description implies CHA is more important than just that particular instance, yet I couldn't find another one.

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