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Powering gates without dhd.


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Zats are destructive, without even going in to the 3 shot disintegrat thing you could in theory charge a gate by zating it to manually dial it as the gate has been shown to be able to withstand lightning but if your shooting the DHD with a Zat odds are the crystals inside will fry as we have seen a staff blast break DHDs before.


I would argue removing the power supply and Mcgyvering a battery to power the DHD or gate is more possible then straighten up shooting things with energy based weapons.

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I'm a fan of also utilizing modified KINOs, assuming your campaign has resolved the rescue of the SGU crew. It's been stated many times that the gates draw power from the subspace gate network itself. It seems to me that dialing, or utilizing a DHD, requires its own source of power. A properly modified KINO could potentially function as a portable and remote DHD, in the event one becomes disabled, or as we saw in at least one episode, beamed up by enemy forces. Puddlejumpers have the same functionality.  In my mind, the old days of McGyvering a gate to work has been long superseded by technological discovery.

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