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Role of the Dice Podcast Interview

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The Stargate RPG news update from the podcast. 

Game will be 5e


The enemy will be Goa'uld. 


Will be based from the new alpha site(Phoenix site) , so that you don't have to play human only. (one new race included, Churin, physically looks like the nox) 


Season 6 will be the start. 


The series creators are working on/with the game as well. And it is confirmed that this will be canon.


Confirmed classes:

Diplomat / scout / medic / soldier / engineer / scientist: Only available for the first 5 levels. 

Thereafter you buy specialized parts from all classes. 

The example they used is Daniel Jackson couldn't hold a gun in S1, and in the end was a decent shooter. 


New encounter types, not just combat. Interrogation and chase will feature. 


Zat gun is a problem : will cause levels of exhaustions. Instead of damage. 

Many rules on it for the GM. (gate masters) 

But it will disappear corpses!


Magic is effectively replaced with technology. 


Missions will be launched in seasons, and will run for a year. And will follow in parallel with the seasons of the show. 

The rulebook will state when to watch which episode. 


The kickstarter will run from Feb. 


Official release, GenCon2020 - Aug2020

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Interested to see how the balance having to multiclass past level 5. Would prefer to go to 20 in the same class with the option to multiclass.

That being said I am glad there is a sg1 table top game coming out, was looking at running a homebrew session based of starfinder

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