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Gen Con 2019 Feedback


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We had such a great time at Gen Con this past year and we were excited to start to introduce Stargate RPG to the public. We had the very first playtests and we had awesome feedback. Over 200 people played our first 2 missions and based on surveys, from 1-10 the average score was 8.5. 

We're so excited to bring you this game and we think you're going to love it.

This section of the forum is about giving us feedback on the game development. What would you like to see. Have you played a playtest? What didn't you like?

Let us know here.

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I would very much like to hear how the playtests went! 

And especially when and if there will be demo material available for public playtest. 

(I was an AEG "Bounty Hunter" back during the run of AEG's version and ran countless convention and Living Stargate sessions, and cannot wait to get involved with this new version!) 

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Both missions were very well received! One of the questions on the survey asked if the game felt like Stargate, the unanimous response to this was YES!

The players felt there character played well and loved the character sheets. 

Here is an image right before a session.


The front of our Diplomat pregen character.


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