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The Stargate Conspiracy


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So I've been reading this book called "The Stargate Conspiracy." I got the book because of the topic, I haven't read anything in it about stargates yet though. What I have read is it claims that their are secret rooms being excavated in the great pyramid, claims of a moblike group running the pyramid in the 90's, some stuff about edger caycee's theories on atlantis and their role in egypt. It also talks about how theirs some sort of conspiracy to hide historical data found in egypt by egyptologist.

Has anyone else read or is reading this book and do you have any idea of when it actually starts talking about stargates.


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Sounds like it rips off the Stargate shows for their own alien conspiracy theories...Edgar Cayce is a giveaway. I’m an archaeologist and researcher in real life, there’s always some semi insult on how so called primitive people couldn’t possibly have built pyramids, etc. 

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I haven't read the whole thing, the book suggest that ancient egypt was more advanced than people admit I think the idea, later in the book suggest that egypt found and hid a portal, ive heard the theory before with the ishtar gate being a portal so/

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Ok so this isn't a ripoff of the Stargate series. Look up John Anthony West. He died last year, but he was extremely well known in the "fringe" Egyptology circles. In a nutshell, the emerging belief is that the ancient Egyptians, as we know them, did not construct the pyramids, or the Sphinx. Ancient texts very clearly state, that Khufu organized the REPAIRS to the Great Sphinx, not constructed it. Even their list of kings goes back tens of thousands of years. Anyways, in the mid-90s, West conned a very respected geologist/geophysicist, to go to Egypt, where he would be be personally guided to all of the major sites in Egypt. When they were at the Sphinx, Schoch was distracted by the hydroerosion patterns on the walls inside the sphinx enclosure. Further study led him to the belief that the only way that kind of erosion could have occurred, would have been massive amounts of rain of many, many years, and that the last time that part of Africa had seen weather like that, was roughly 9000 years ago, long before the Sphinx is currently accepted to have been constructed. He later presented his paper to his peers, and almost all accepted it as factual.

When you factor in multiple sites that have since been discovered, such as Göbekli Tepe, which has been dated to just under 12,000 years old, and evidence of advanced agriculture techniques that have been long believed to have been invented 6000 years LATER by the Sumerians, as well as a pyramid in Indonesia, that is definitely man-made, and has organic material collected from inside, using core sampling, that dates to 26,000 years ago, there very likely was an advanced global human civilization that was eradicated by some massive global disaster. In essence, resetting the clock. The whole Stargate franchise is partly based on a book written by Erich von Danniken in the 60's, called Chariots of the Gods. You might recognize him from the show Ancient Aliens.

Even the Egyptians that were present when the Greeks settled ancient Egypt said they didn't know who built the pyramids, or any other megalithic structure. And, there is proof that there was a "great flood", in the form of tsunami on colossal scale, as well as rapid sea level rise of more than 400 feet, in a matter of weeks. Plus, last November, a paper was published that established a celestial impact on Greenland was the likely culprit of the rising sea levels and the corresponding brief ice age. Think about it, where are the bulk of human settlements right now? On the shorelines. So where are any potential metal structures? Likely all rusted away. the Titanic has been on the bottom of the Atlantic for just over 100 years, and is rapidly deteriorating.

And I haven't even touched on the Indian vedas, the army of monkey-men (likely neanderthals), and the Ramayana, where a road was built across the sea to modern Sri Lanka, so that the god Rama could rescue his wife, who was kidnapped. Interestingly enough, images from satellites show the underwater remnants of a man made road, stretching from mainland India to Sri Lanka.



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"Pyramidiocy is characterized by having an outlandish, farfetched theory about the origin, nature, or purpose of the Egyptian pyramids.  The theories of pyramidiots are barely supported by slender threads of evidence.  They serve little purpose except to stand as bad examples of speculative thought and fanciful imagination."

Source: Skeptic's Dictionary

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