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[Looking for Group] Episode 3 "Twisted Past" (Unofficial)

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Please use this thread to coordinate a table of Episode 3 ("Twisted Past") of the Stargate Phoenix Living Campaign. My recommendation is that interested individuals post here and Gatemasters make posts which they can edit as their table fills (or just work through DMs to the players who have shown interest).

Note: I am not affiliated with Wyvern Games or any other official group. I am just posting as a concerned citizen 🙂

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As I played this episode at GenCon, I would be available to GateMaster, but am having difficulty determining how that works in regards to becoming an official GM and getting the resources. Provided that those questions are answered at the upcoming Q&A, I suppose next steps would be creating a Gaming Group on this site to determine interest. I'm EST and would GM using Roll20.

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