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Suggestions for Ch 3: SG races

Algernon Pike

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Hey all,

This is part of a chapter by chapter analysis I'll be doing in order to improve game during Beta. Please feel free to comment and analyze with me on these suggestions. I would only suggest that comments be constructive.

General Notes:

  • I appreciate how the overall +3 in overall stat bonuses has been kept from the 5th edition rules (+2 for race and +1 for origin choices).
  • I am concerned about HP bloat, but I think it is fine to front load some HP with the race benefits in order to have a “heroic” campaign. An optional rule should be added for GMs to halve or even remove the HP bonuses in order to make the campaign more challenging at their discretion.
  • Suggestion: I am concerned with the low skill proficiencies for “advanced” races even though I understand it for balance purposes. I think an additional weapon proficiency should be available to “standard” races. Aturen, “Tollan” (see below), and Tok’ra = +1 skill proficiency; Jaffa, Unas, and “Abydonian” (see below) Human +1 weapon Proficiency. Tau’ri (and “Advanced” below) should get a choice.


  • Suggestion: Given their generations of peaceful pursuits, should the hit points for Aturen be lowered by two (8/6)?
  • Clarification: I don’t understand the +CON bonus for Aturen Pacifists. If +CON is an important Aturen trait, it should be granted to the normal Aturen with the Pacifists gaining +WIS from their “enlightened” philosophy.
  • Clarification: The “Invisibility” power needs to be clarified. If the Noxian Pacifist interacts with a sentient creature, the invisibility should break for that target.
  • Clarification: The “Pacifism” listed needs to be expanded in terms of Aturen pacifist ideology. In particular, a note needs to be added regarding exactly why the SGPC willingly puts Noxian Pacifists on SGP teams. If they are not meant to be assigned to SGPC teams it needs to be clarified.  Furthermore, how does someone with this mindset even want to join an SGP team?
  • Suggestion: Add the “Natural Resistance” trait to the pacifists as well in order to balance their difficulties as short bursts of invisibility are still not equal to the disruption the pacifism trait could cause to a group.


  • Suggestion: I would do a rework of the groupings to allow for Repressed, Advanced, Tau’ri, and Enlightened.
    • New Designation - Repressed Humans: Former slaves to the Goa’uld or inhabitants of abandoned, protected, or other human settled planets whose technology was at some point repressed. Use the stats for Abydonians. “Free from Ra” would still work even for persons from protected worlds since they value their freedom in league with the enslaved.
    • New race group - “Advanced” Humans: Humans existing at a technology level akin to the Tau’ri, but without their egalitarian and/or moral compasses. These humans gain the following…
      • +10 HP
      • Bonus of +2 to INT or +2 to CHA
      • Two skill proficiencies
      • Recovery (as standard from other Human groupings)
      • New Trait - Singular Focus: Many of these humans have spent their lives in a highly structured society where their belief system was deeply reinforced. As a result, they receive an additional determination point and gain a +1 to their Moxie.
    • Tau’ri Humans: Humans from Earth are in a very “middle ground” place technologically, but also philosophically. They use the standard “human” stats.
      • Suggested Change: Galactic Seeds - The open mindedness and prosperity of the Tau’ri grants them advantage on persuasion checks with other humans during “convince” encounters.
    • New Designation - “Enlightened” humans: Humans from planets with highly advanced technology greater than that of Earth. This replaces the “Tollan” designator. Also alter “Phase-Shift” with the trait below…
      • Altered Trait - Future Tech: Choose one piece of technology from Tech 3 or 4 to include in your base kit. Common examples include the “Phase Shift” device for Tollans, Serrakin pistols for Hebridians, and Memory Devices for Gallarans (later seasons).


  • Rather balanced
  • Suggestion: Jaffa get +2 str AND +2 dex
  • Suggestion: Replace the P90 and Tac Vest in the base kit with Ma’tok staff and Jaffa armor at the players discretion.
  • Suggestion: Jaffa do not gain additional weapon proficiencies from class training. 
  • Suggestion: Jaffa may not choose the Medic or Scientist classes.


  • Clarification: It should be stated that Tok'ra are proficient with and can use Goa'uld technology.
  • Suggestion: Tok’ra receive +1 skill proficiency to represent the symbiote’s knowledge.
  • Suggestion: Tok’ra have advantage on all checks related to impersonating a Goa’uld.
  • Clarification: I'm not sure where the Pangaran Tok'ra are in regards to canon.


  • Suggestion: Unas get +2 str AND +2 con
  • Suggestion: Unas cannot use Human weaponry of Tech 2 and above proficiently unless it is specifically designed for them. As a result they do not gain any firearm proficiencies from their class.
  • Suggestion: Unas may not choose the Engineer or Scientist classes.
  • Suggestion: Unas speed is 8m instead of 6m
  • Clarification: Why is possessed Unas in these rules? Are they intended to actually be playable?


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  • 2 months later...

By far an excellent review / suggestions. I do have some observations to offer though:


  • Agree with your suggestions.
  • As an observation a Pacifist race in an SG first contact team will be problematic. These are combat teams that are part of a combat arm. I could see them in a follow up research team, but as part of a first contact team, the leader who already has limited resources, being out of contact to a great degree, has one less gun, one less person to take a watch shift, etc.


No observations - really good ideas


  • Agree with the Ma'tok staff, but I would not replace the TAC vest with Jaffa armor. There are many reasons units are in "uniforms", the big one is identifying friend from foe. A Jaffa in Jaffa armor carrying a Ma'tok walks into a peaceful village for first contact... the results pretty predictable. Also these are MILITARY units, your uniform selection outside of certain special forces units is not up to your discretion. If they could be worn separately, I could seem them wearing the collapsible helmets though.
  • I am on the fence regarding them getting proficiency in other weapons - by their nature they will want to be the most effective combat assets that they can be. If you are going to let Humans get Jaffa weapon proficiencies, there is no reason Jaffa shouldn't be able to get human weapon proficiencies (I think I just talked myself into that 😉 )


  • I don't know that I agree with every Tok'ra automatically getting Jaffa weapon proficiencies, though I agree they should have access to them.


Agree! Great suggestions!

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I must admit, I have to agree with you with most of the things you've mentioned, and the stuff I wouldn't agree on aren't a big deal to me.


Although it does make me wonder if they might include rules for those GMs and players who want to create their own playable PC races. Maybe not as part of the core rules, but potentially as an online supplement or something? Obviously, if that's not something they'd do, I would understand why that could be the case.


Speaking of supplements, while I suspect they won't play a role in the base set, I would like to see some stuff based around SGA and SGU potentially included later on. As these are the series I am most familiar with, especially the latter. But that wouldn't be for quite some time, I would think.

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