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Episode Access?

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I am really confused! Hasn't the full release of the game already been pushed back by a year to allow for 1 year of beta testing during which 13 episodes would come out? So far it seems only 2 episodes have been made available and the testing seems to have started in March 2020. Did I misunderstand? Are the 13 episodes actually coming out from official launch onwards? If so will that be when the PDF core rulebook is available (which the Kickstarter says is estimated as January 2021) or when the physical copies are sent out (which is estimated to be some time in April 2021)? Also are the episodes included with a purchase of either version of the rulebook or do you have to buy each episode separately? I love Stargate and am considering using this game to try being a GM for the first time, but with only 2 episodes available and the very muddy messaging I am very hesitant. It seems like the plans keep changing, so I don't really know what is going on.

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I don't know if I read the Kickstarter page wrong but it sounds like they are giving access to the 3 episodes we played at Gen Con if you purchase the add-on for $60? While I might understand that price for the full 13-episode run, it sounds like it is really just $60 for the three adventures. That's very steep.

I hope I am wrong and they will either provide it on the site eventually or give it to Kickstarter backers as a thank you for backing. After all, us running it will generate interest for others to purchase the system. Just seems like free marketing to me.

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I think the idea is that $60 would get you 10 episodes after the kickstarter; therefore, if the Facebook social stretch goal happens, you will effectively get 3 episodes for free for a total 13 episodes at $60.

I would guess those three episodes are not the GenCon ones, but that part is totally a guess.

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