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Regaining HPs

Jack O`Neill

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Reading through the descriptions of Short Rest and Long Rest it mentions you roll a number of HDs equal to your level and that is what you get back in regained HPs.  No normal D&D 5e you regain those rolled HDs + your Constitution modifier in HPs.  Did Stargate change this on purpose or was it an oversite?

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On 10/27/2020 at 1:06 PM, tetrasodium said:

Likely deliberate.  the stock 5e hp recovery by going to sleep after a full day instead of going for forced march type penalties is a mess for any kind of plot or story other than dungeon crawls.

I agree it's probably deliberate. It's still bloody fast. Medkits don't have the 10 use limit of D&D, either. I disagree with the assertion it's only good for dungeon crawls. It's pretty decent for Swashbuckling,  superspies, and for superheroes.



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