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I'm not sure if people already are in Discord servers, or if they are at all interested, but I have a proposition:

Some time ago I got together with a few people in a Discord server about creating a world collaboratively and create RPG adventures for us to play in that world. Not much has come from that (yet), but based on recent developments there may still be use for the server as a whole. So now I had the idea of reorganizing the server for games I'd like to play, and anyone interested in joining me. This includes Stargate, Star Trek, and perhaps D&D 5e (in addition to the collaborative world).

So my question to everyone here, especially those that are new to RPGs or still just an early beginner, if you're interested in joining me, feel free to ask. Right now I'm only gauging interest from here and on GateWorld to try and get more Stargate (and perhaps Star Trek) fans together.

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I've made my server somewhat ready. Though I'm a little apprehensive to just put the invite here, depending on what the rules are. Maybe an Admin can give their blessing, just to be on the safe side.

EDIT: Well, as long as it's not going to cause a problem, here's the invite: https://discord.gg/GdnWurv

Feel free to join me, but obviously there isn't much to do yet without having the rules. I'm at present working on Star Trek Adventures at the moment, implementing it in a VTT. But there's room for discussing Stargate, Star Trek, or RPGs in general.

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