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Playing with miniatures


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I know there are some STLs coming for a few characters and jaffa, but does anyone know of any good miniatures that would be appropriate for the stargate setting?  

There's several companies that do modern soldiers that could be used as the US air force, but I'm looking mainly for miniatures to represent the alien species in the setting like the Unas 

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I don't know if there are any official miniatures still in production. There used to be, but they're long gone now and you struggle to find them. 

There are stargate-themed miniature STL files on MyMiniFactory (you would have to print them yourself though, or pay someone else to), and Hasslefree miniatures do a "special ops" squad that bear a striking resemblance to SG1.... (HFA130)

I think it's the non-Earth forces that you'll struggle to find miniatures for. Many companies sell modern combat ranges nowadays that'll do for SGC personnel. 

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I'm going with Anvil Industry out of the UK. They're a little more expensive but their Regiments line has a good selection of modern male and female bits including P90s.

My main advice is, if you're in the USA, spend the extra for faster shipping unless you want your package sitting in Chicago Customs for 3 weeks.


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