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Improved Tech Levels [p62]


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On page 62 of the rule book, under 'Weapon Attributes', the 'Tech Level' entry says:
"This is the default tech level of the noted weapon; however, all weapons can be improved, raising their effective tech level."

Unfortunately, I can't find any mention of what 'improving' a weapon involves or entails.

For example, what would a Tech Level 2 Bow look like from a game statistic standpoint?
Increased damage die size?  Extra range?  Extra 'Special' entries?  The ability to mount upgrades like a Reflex sight?

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4 hours ago, nathrae said:

I think the stats don't change. Just the level tech that affect to the armour

And by proxy, weapon tech level, as with that optional rule, if it is too far below the armor, then the armor grants resistance to the weapon's damage.

However, specific to your question about a bow, the stats given are, tech level 1, 1d6 damage, range 50/200 m. To increase to tech level 2, as a GM in my game I might look at options like increasing die size (1d6 v 1d8 "feels" like a bigger increase than it mathematically is). Of course, this puts it slightly above the effective power of a pistol/sidearm which would have equivalent damage but lower max range, and you wouldn't need to reload it. Personally, I think that is reasonably accurate, but it would likely vary by GM. Another GM might say, "No, a bow is and always will be a tech level 1 weapon." From a flavor standpoint, a simple bow we might see a villager in Stargate using would be very different from a modern compound or long bow.

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