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Yeah, I'd like to see a more "universal" core rulebook that focuses on Stargate as a whole. If it's centered on the SG-1 "era", then I'd feel it should be near the end of the series, or just after it (even if it excludes specific information about Atlantis/Universe), as I feel that that is the most "centralized" area of information for the whole franchise. Then supplements can go more in-depth about Atlantis, Universe, and various "eras" of the main franchise (90s, early 00s, 10s, or pre-SGA, post-SG-1, and SGU), and perhaps even dive into some of the more elaborate periods of history (the time of the Ancients, the Asgard-Goa'uld war, Lanteans, etc.).

Basically so that even without supplements there should be enough information for players/GMs to create adventures set at least anywhere during the three shows.

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9 hours ago, aaron2310 said:

Very happy to hear about expansions! I'd be especially interested in being able to move around the history. I'm honestly not sure how that tends to work with RPGs, though. 

Most games based on known properties benefit from providing a broad and adaptable base with a low level of detail, and then expanding the depth with supplements.

So, in theory, you could play the core species of the Federation across any era with the Modiphius Star Trek game, but since the core release there have been supplements to expand on the core functions of the starship (i.e. Command, Operations) and also those designed to provide greater detail on worlds and alien species (i.e. Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant).

I think it would make perfect sense to take the same approach with the Stargate property. We'll see.

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20 minutes ago, aaron2310 said:

Yeah, I can see how that'd work quite well with Stargate. Things like expansions for specific races and etc. Was the ship's function expansion a single book? I struggle to imagine dedicated books for the single roles. lol 

There are dedicated books for the functions, yes.

I think it would be a solid approach to have expansions based on the individual series, given that they take the show to a different area of the universe (small "u") with their associated challenges and enemies.

I think there's room for a single book on ship combat, handling ship roles, and the vessels of the various core species seen in SG-1; that can be expanded on in the above mentioned series books. A starship combat lite system in the core book would be a nice to have, but not a necessity.

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The way Star Trek Adventures did it is exactly what I think fits perfectly for Stargate. Each expansion book has a very specific topic it fleshes out, so players know exactly what they need in addition to the core book. The game as a whole, specifically flavor text and examples, focus on roughly the "halfway point" in the franchise, right before the Dominion War breaks out in DS9. So this is after DS9 and Voyager expanded upon the "Next Generation era" as established by TNG, but before the bigger changes as a result of the war.

In the context of Stargate, that's exactly why I felt that the "context" of the core book should be near the end, or just after, SG-1, or perhaps even around S7 before SGA and SGU. This would keep the universe "simple" for the core rule book. As for expansions you could have:

  • Destiny (about SGU)
  • Atlantis (about SGA)
  • Ancients/Goa'uld/Asgard/Wraith/Ori (perhaps smaller books explaining the bigger species in detail and about how to play them in different eras)
  • Space (talking about spacecraft and space combat)
  • Galaxies (expanding upon minor species and organizations in the various galaxies, like the Lucian Alliance and Genii, could be split between Milky Way and Pegasus books, and a more generic one for the rest, like the Alpha/Beta/Delta/Gamma Quadrant STA books)

Something like that.

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