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Tollan and living series legality


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I've just been reading the Series Guide and it says that the Tollan Phase Shift device is not series legal, but  in V041920, which I as far as I can tell is the most up to date,  one of the racial features of the Tollan race is "Phase Shift: You add a phase device to your base kit".  Does that mean in the Series, a Tollan PC cannot use this benefit?  Or are Tollan an exception to the ban on phase shift devices?


Update: I found the v061320 version of the rules (which doesn't seem to be obvious in the downloads section - only found it because someone linked it), but this trait is still on the Tollan.

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But that isn't a core part of their racial benefits.  They do get to use the symbiote physical save advantage and their kelno'reem feature from the beginning of the series.  But I've since had it pointed out to me (and completely agree from my play experience) that their +TD to tech checks is one of the most useful racial abilities (at least for an engineer), so I'd definitely now be less disinclined to play a Tollan in the series.

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