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The thing I will most interested in seeing is an Exploration generation ruleset. That was what I enjoyed the most when playing the previous SG RPG. There are quite a few systems with novel ways of generating exploration content. Roll a few charts to create the world entering (climate, culture encountered, etc). As well as some generic random encounter/mishap charts similar to those found in Forbidden Lands (my current fav exploration RPG).

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Absolutely. Like the Appendices in the original AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, these sorts of tables should (would) be indispensable. It wouldn't take much -- as with all content in the core book it should skim the surface with enough detail to get by, but with room for expansion in a later supplement with far greater depth.

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Stargate SG-1 RPG had a table of tables to run through in order to create random planets and civilizations. Things such as climate, atmosphere, biosphere, water masses or technological state, government type, attitude towards aliens,... could be determined with a series of die rolls. And some results in a table could conditionate another in a diferent table (such as no rainfall if a planet temperature was cold and similar examples).

Having a system like this, or some variation, might be greatly welcome in order to create worlds with a distinctive flavor on the fly.

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