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Starting feats


Should all characters get a bonus feat at 1st level?  

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  1. 1. Should all characters get a bonus feat at 1st level?

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    • No

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Actually, humans got an extra feat at level 1 when d20 kicked off. But in 5e no one gets feats at the beginning, not even humans (DM option to implement variant humans aside); since SG-RPG's humans are distinctly different to those in the 5e SRD, going further offbook and bringing back the universal starting feat or else maybe a pool of bonus mission points doesn't seem that crazy.

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A bonus feat for all characters is a lateral shift. It would generally equate to about a mission's worth of XP (probably disallow feats that cost 8-9MP). It might let someone pick up a skill the group doesn't have or round out a class's weapon choice.

Overall, it changes very little; it wouldn't break the game to start everyone with a feat in the 3-5MP range or even just give them 5MP to spend at start. It it isn't necessary, and it doesn't break anything, so either way should be fine.


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I've allowed every character to start with a feat in 5e for years, and it only adds to the fun.  Sometimes it's racial feats only, other times it's open, but really - not only does it make the cookie-cutter characters a bit more unique, it also tends to increase the investment the players have in the characters.  

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