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Comments after a few episodes

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Since the feedback forum is only viewable to staff, I figured having more comments are good.



Below are the current comments for our current game after a few episodes.

Separately, what is the plan for further releases? In the COVID announcement it was mentioned that they plan to keep releasing versions every couple of weeks, but nothing has come out for 2 months. Obviously everybody is dealing with changes of plans, but just curious what the plan is.



  • Class/Race Ability
    • Invisibility Duration for Noxian Pacifist not defined for non-combat situations. How long should it last?
    • Can Word in an Ear be used repeatadly?
    • Diplomatic Expertise says "4rd" as as "Presence"
  • Equipment
    • Weapon ranges are unwieldy as is
    • MALP variants should probably be in equipment, vs in feats
    • Grenade variants are mentioned, but not clear
  • Feats
    • All Tactical feats require Tactical Flexibility, so technically a soldier cannot choose any of them at first level. This is also true for Scout and Survivability.
    • Cultural Proficiency is ambiguous. Does this give proficiency with all cultural weapons/armor, or is it a requirement for additional proficiency feats?
      • Either this should be much more expensive and give everything
      • Or it should be cheaper/eliminated, and use individual weapon proficiencies
    • Why are soldier feats named tactical feats?
    • Tech Specialist seems to reference no longer existing requisition rules.
    • Are Engineer feats supposed to only apply to a signle person, whereas the other class feats apply to the entire team.
  • Other
    • Rulebook doesn't clearly state whether or not MP from the first 5 levels can be spent, or is basically just XP
    • Font used for page number is almost unreadable


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