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Should organ targeting be a mandatory class benefit?


Should organ targeting be a mandatory class benefit?  

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  1. 1. Should organ targeting be a mandatory class benefit?

    • Leave the class ability as it is
    • Remove it and let players purchase it after level 5

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It came up on the discord following gencon that those playing more pacifist character types -- particularly the Aturen Noxian Pacifist -- found the idea of the mandatory gaining of the ability to do extra damage was a poor design choice either on a conceptual level or because it's actually mechanically impossible for them to utilise it and thus are left unbalanced and disadvantaged compared to other characters. There was some talk of moving it to a procedure feat but its value of 9 MP to the standard 5MP of that subtype means that's not going to happen for, similarly, reasons of game balance.

Ignoring the soldier for obvious reasons and focusing on the medic as proof of concept, if the game provides a super pacifist as a starting character type, should the classes be designed in such a way that particular character is able to progress equitably?

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4 hours ago, Algernon Pike said:

I think Organ Targeting should be moved to the Procedural Feat pool and one of the Procedural Feats dedicated to improving medical skill should be inserted in its place.

Of all the solutions I've heard floated, this seems like the most straightforward fix. I would back this option over either listed in the poll.

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As explained above, that's a non viable option.

Organ Targeting, because of its ease of application even if you take the more restrictive version currently printed in the Medic requiring advantage (which I believe is editorial oversight rather than intentional) is valued at 9 MP. Procedure feats have a cost of 5 MP (compare Vital Organ Targeting, which grants a smaller average damage that only applies upon the 5% chance of a critical)

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Personally, I think level 2 should have a choice

1) Organ targeting

2 )  Advanced First Aid: You can now use your med kit as action a number of times per person equal to proficiency modifier and medicine checks are at 2x prof bonus. 

Medics at level 2 must pick one of them. This keeps the flavor of the combat medic (MArine with first aid training for the field) while allowing the more paramedic/pacifist medic.  (Navy Hospital Corpsman). Sort of difference between Colonel Potter/Frank Burns vs Hawkeye pierce from MASH tv show. Two view of a medic in a warzone near front lines and often had to heal under fire. There were a number of episodes where the pacifist had to be right at front line with the troops with guns becuase he was stablizing them and getting them back to the hospital.


Noxians are the only pacifists, just the only ones whose racial abilities depend on it. 


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