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Stargate Universe Celebrated It's 10th Anniversary Yesterday!


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Maybe it was before it's time, or too late -- it had the potential that has been realised by an arc series like Star Trek: Discovery where the investment is rewarded by watching everything one after the other, but the episodes can more or less be enjoyed as standalone. There was something about that emphasis that made it different to the other Stargate iterations.

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On 10/4/2019 at 1:41 AM, Mal said:

Yeah, i came to like it too. Much more serious series which would have done well in the age of streaming. Perhaps they should have rested the franchise for a couple years back then.

SGU came a few years after they'd sent SG1 out to pasture and Atlantis to the knacker's yard so it's not like they rushed into it. It was just a sad and all too familiar case of an SF series being early for the zeitgeist

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Over 10 years later and they still haven't crossed the void. 


On another note:  I hated the first season up to the point of Incursion when the show finally clicked for me.  Season 2 was superior as the show both found it's footing and got past the whole "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!! DRAMA!!!!" that happened every week in the first season.

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So some potentially good news, we are getting closer to a new series in the franchise, and there are rumors going around that they will tie up SGU's cliffhanger, with a possible direct to video movie. I wouldn't mind if they mixed it in with the new series, bring back any of the main actors that want a paycheck, and through flashbacks, tell the story of what happened, especially to Eli, and how they hopefully get back to Earth.

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It's my favorite of the 3 SG series I've seen. (I keep seeing references to Incursion, but have never seen it)

Some of my favorite actors, too - Ming Na Wen, Lou Diamond Philips...

and the incredible job of Jamil Walker Smith as the loyal but psychotic MSgt Greer...

And, overall, a main cast that was operating at a very good level of characterization. Hell the Chloe-Eli-LtScott-Gin thing... 


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